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IMG_1853My name is Jenny and I founded GreenYogi Nutrition in 2013, after many years of passion for nutrition, fitness, and yoga for overall health and wellness. I am a wife to my supportive husband Brian and a mom to our sons Brendan (age 6) and Braden (age 2). I also work full-time as an Instructional Technology Teacher at the John D. Runkle School in Brookline, Massachusetts (@jennyrmurphy).

My mission here is to inspire and empower my readers to feel your very best by eating real/whole foods, moving your bodies through exercise, and being mindful as we navigate our very busy and sometimes too stressful lives.

My own nutritional journey and experiences have been extremely informative in discovering what works and what doesn’t work for me and my autoimmune struggles. What I’ve learned is that everything we consume has a role in our bodies that either helps or hurts us. I am continually learning and understanding my body better, and striving for overall wellness. Doesn’t everyone just want to feel good? I embrace this as a way of life and try to embody healthful eating and living for my entire family and teach my children how important real food is to keep them healthy forever.

My hope is that you’ll follow my blogging journey and are inspired my love of real-food nutrition, healthful recipes, yoga and fitness.

Be well.

<3 Jenny


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