On being present…

be-presentI have been thinking about this A LOT lately. How can we stay fully present in a world full of distractions…

It’s the middle of January, I’m halfway through my first Whole30 + my second 21 DSD + modified AIP. Wow, that’s a lot. It’s all comes from a good place of self-love and healing, and I truly feel that I am on my way to more healing for sure, despite only feeling supported by a few people in my life… More on that later. (I am working on a reflection of this month’s experience – I promise!)

On Friday, this feeling of being overwhelmed really hit me while at school. There’s so much going on, all the time, for everyone. It seems like we do not ever get enough down time or “me time.” This has become my home life, work life, life in general. In my experience, and my circle, it feels like we are all running around like crazy people and like we can never get anything accomplished. I have had several conversations this month alone in which colleagues of mine, full-time teachers, full-time parents, feel this way. As the overwhelming feeling came over me, I tried my best to keep my emotions in check, and then I went to yoga on Sunday morning. Thank goodness for that.

The theme of class was how do we stay present in this world of distractions? While technology is great, and has contributed to so many advancements in the world, and is the reason for my career, I am a technology teacher after all… sometimes it is too much. How many of us have seen or participated in the following?

  • mindlessly scrolling through Facebook, maybe even while watching TV and not talking to their spouse/partner
  • checking the phone when out to dinner with friends or loved ones
  • using a device or keeping the TV on right up until bedtime

These things have become so commonplace in our world, that I am afraid we are losing touch with what’s important, what’s real: real people and real relationships. This scares me a lot. I am conscientious of this at all times. I have had the experience of taking a relationship for granted, that one day was there, and the next day was gone. So when I say, you never know when your last day is going to be, I actually know how that feels.

So… Trying to stay in the present moment, which ironically is always a mantra at yoga. It’s so easy to get lost in your thoughts, think about what’s next, what meal to prepare, which groceries to buy, what appointment or meeting is this week, etc., but our yoga practice forces us to be present on our mat and be there for ourselves, for our bodies for that given amount of time. It is so important. I am trying to take this feeling with me when I’m not on the mat. It is hard for sure, but will it be worth it? Oh yes, I can almost guarantee it. If I’m home with my kids, be home, be present, not randomly checking FB. If I have time at the end of the day to talk to my husband, then we should talk, be there, be present. And the list goes on and on…

Be well. Be present. As much as possible.

green_heart Jenny

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